Academic Programs

smart coe educational programs.

Our experiential learning opportunities immerse students in the design and manufacturing processes. Pursue a minor in Robotics or Advanced Manufacturing. Earn a graduate certificate in Advanced manufacturing. Enroll in a MOOC about Digital Manufacturing and Design or Co-Robotic Safety.

SMART Supports Impactful Initiatives

  • Large interdisciplinary research proposals to NSF (e.g., the ERC program), DARPA, and other funding opportunities that connect with our position in DMDII, Industry 4.0, and the themes of reasoning and interoperability in unstructured and structured environments
  • Additional rounds of exploratory project funding to promote the creation of interdisciplinary teams
  • Launching a corporate enterprise model for student engagement (UB Inc.) that supports interaction with industry, entrepreneurship, and interdisciplinary experiential learning projects
  • Incorporating a student-centric, reconfigurable Sandbox facility for testing of automation systems, agile product realization, and teaching demonstrations into course and co-curricular offerings
  • Establishing a graduate certificate in Product Development and a UB minor in Robotics
  • Engaging education offerings at the elementary, secondary, UG, and Graduate levels