SMART Research

Research Areas

Analytics and intelligence.

Analytics and Intelligence

We must look beyond just connecting machines; true leadership will be found in the ability to to predict, adapt, and reason in both structured and unstructured environments.

Data and Interoperability.

Data and Interoperability

The ability for software and hardware systems to not only communicate data, but higher order preferences, objectives, and intents.

information processing.

Digital-to-Physical Conversion

Scientific advancements in materials design and to-scale processing are creating technological innovations.

Human-machine interaction.

Human-machine Interaction

This set of socio-technical challenges may be the least understood and could end up impacting the most jobs.

Research Objectives

1.  Increase research footprint and activity in advanced manufacturing at UB
2.  Increase interdisciplinary science and research

Our interdisciplinary research will bring together the talents of UB’s engineering, architecture, management, economics and health sciences faculty to bring products to market faster, regardless of their size and complexity, while remaining ecologically and economically sustainable.

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