Locate Facilities and Equipment for Research & Development

researchers in Davis Hall clean room.

The clean room in Davis Hall promotes industry / university research and development that benefits our knowledge economy.

Several university labs and facilities offer specialized equipment that support research needs of faculty and industry. Researchers needing expensive technical equipment or space can check to see what's available with the fees helping to cover operational costs. 

In addition to the better known facilities such as the cleanrooms and the life sciences cores, EQUIP offers a searchable database to to find equipment. If you need training, that's available or you can count on the expertise of the lab managers.

Cleanrooms and Materials Characterization Labs

When you need highly controlled environments to minimize pollutants and airborne particles, consider one of UB's two multidisciplinary cleanrooms located at UB North Campus and UB Downtown Campus. These class 10,000, 1000 and 100 working spaces are well equipped for electronic device research, processing and development, microfabrication and other processes including biomedical applications.

When you want to test and analyze liquid, powder, surface and bulk materials, use the materials characterization labs on North Campus and South Campus. These labs can help you assure product quality, analyze failures or when needing forensic evaluations.

Shared Equipment and Training

UB has some of the region's most advanced science and engineering equipment available for shared use. The searchable equipment database helps you find what you need for your research projects. The laboratory staff can help you learn how to operate a specific piece of equipment or be updated on protocols and safety. 

Additional facilities and equipment

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrocopy Facility

This facility consists of a Bruker FTIR spectrometer with a MCT detector and mirrors / accessories needed for coupling to an external bolometer as well as for carrying out experiments outside the main chamber.

High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy Facility (HRTEM)

Provides microanalysis services. The HRTEM staff will provide assistance and training in microscopy techniques.

Chemistry Instrumentation Center

Offers mass spectrometry to identify, characterize and quantify chemicals, including failure analysis, isolation of components and product characterization. Clients include IIMAK, Multisorb Technologies, Delphi Harrison Thermal Systems and Kinex.