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Research Foundation (RF) Funds

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There are two distinct types of RF accounts: Sponsored accounts and Non-Sponsored accounts.  

RF Sponsored Accounts

Managing Research (RF) Funds for Sponsored Accounts

Sponsored awards are accounts that are funded by sponsors external to the University at Buffalo (UB). These external awards are for programs of research, scholarly and creative activities, education and training, and public service.


Learn more about Sponsored Project Services

RF Non-Sponsored Accounts

Learn more about the different types of Non-Sponsored accounts. Find out the allowable expenditures for each type.
New non-sponsored accounts may need to be created to house research related funding that does not specifically belong, or indirectly support, a sponsored project.
Fees are a way to generate income that can help the units support themselves. Learn about fee processes and how to develop a new or update an existing fee.
Learn how to to manage your Non-Sponsored funds on campus

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Non Sponsored RF Accounting and Financial Reporting

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Non Sponsored RF Accounting and Financial Reporting

Financial Management

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