Create and Manage Non-Sponsored Accounts

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New non-sponsored accounts may need to be created to house research related funding that does not specifically belong, or indirectly support, a sponsored project.

New accounts may be:

  • Created from a pool of available existing funds
  • Established from anticipated future income (e.g checks, wires)

The procedure for creating a new Non-Sponsored account depends on the source of the new fund:

Update a Non-Sponsored Account

Updating a Non-Sponsored account is a fairly straightforward process. A majority of requests may be initiated by sending an email to the Non-Sponsored Group. Requests for extensions may only be requested by the original entity that established the account.

  • All accounts funded by the Financial Plan, however, will automatically be extended if at least a $100 balance remains at the end of the fiscal year. If less than $100 remains, the balance will be moved back to the project that funded the account.
  • Income, Service and Facility, PI Incentive, Residual Balance and Royalty accounts are also automatically extended at the end of their project period if a balance remains. There is no funding threshold for these accounts.

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Brendan Davis

Non Sponsored RF Accounting and Financial Reporting

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Zachary Root

Non Sponsored RF Accounting and Financial Reporting

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