Travel and Expense Reimbursement System

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Authorized UB faculty and staff use the online travel and expense reimbursement system Concur to book business travel and to submit business travel and non-travel expenses for reimbursement.

For Authorized Users Only

Before you use Concur, your department liaisons must attend a training session. Your liaisons will notify you and your department when you are authorized to use Concur.

Requires UBITName and password

Transitioning to Concur

About Concur

  • Concur streamlines the reimbursement process by eliminating the need to submit paper receipts and vouchers.
  • When Concur is fully implemented at UB, it will replace the current process of submitting paper vouchers for reimbursement.

Timeline for Implementation

  • Fall 2017 — Concur will be progressively rolled out to all departments at UB.
  • Spring 2018 — the entire university will solely use Concur to process business travel and non-travel expense reimbursements.

What You Need to Know

  • Login access to Concur will be limited to departments whose liaisons have completed a training session.
  • Until someone from the Travel and Expense Team contacts your department liaisons for a training session, continue submitting and processing paper travel and non-travel expense reimbursement vouchers as usual.

What You Can Do Now

Using Concur

Reasons to Use Concur

Concur enables you to make travel reservations and submit your business travel and non-travel expenses for reimbursement.

Use Concur if you:

  • Travel on behalf of UB.
  • Have business travel expenses that require reimbursement.
  • Have business non-travel expenses that require reimbursement.

Getting Access to Concur

  • Your Concur profile is set up with your UBITName and password.
  • UB students and guests do not have access to use Concur and must be added by someone in the department.

Access Training Resources

  • Before you use Concur, your department liaisons must complete a training session.
  • The Travel and Expense Team will contact your department liaisons to schedule a training session.

Roles in Concur Travel and Expense System

Concur Workflow Process By Role

The Concur workflow process by role:

  1. The Traveler or Non-Traveler creates and submits an expense report for reimbursement.
  2. The Supervisor reviews and approves the expense report.
  3. The Cost Approver allocates expenses on the report to the correct account.
  4. If the expenses on the report are being charged to a sponsored Research Foundation (RF) grant, the Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) Approver reviews and approves the report.
  5. The Processor in the travel office reviews and approves the report for reimbursement.

Delegates in Concur

In Concur, delegates are individuals who are authorized to complete work on another user's behalf. You can assign multiple delegates to work on your behalf.

Assign a delegate permission to:

  • Prepare your expense reports
  • View your receipts
  • Receive your email notifications
  • Approve expense reports on your behalf if they have approver authority

Upon logging in to Concur for the first time, all individuals must complete and update their profile following these steps:

1. Log in to Concur

  • To access Concur, click the login button.
  • Log in using your UBITName and password.

2. Access Your Profile

  • On the Concur home page, at the top right click Profile, then click Profile Settings.

3. Complete and Update Your Profile

Click on Personal Information:

  • It is possible your personal information was carried over from a previous system and may be incorrect.
  • Update and correct your information as needed.

Complete the following information and click Save after each section. Be sure to complete any fields marked Required:

  • Verify your Name:
    • Your name must match your government issued photo ID that you will present when traveling.  
  • Verify your Company Information:
    • Confirm your company information is correct.
If your Name or Company Information is Incorrect:


  • Enter your Work Address if desired.
  • Verify your Home Address:
    • If your address is incorrect, manually change it.
  • Enter your Contact Information:
    • Input a required Work Phone or Home Phone number. If you do not have a home phone, enter your cell phone number.
    • Register your mobile devices to receive text message travel alerts from Concur.
  • Verify your Email Addresses:
    • This step is required and enables you to upload your receipts and documentation to Concur.
  • Enter an Emergency Contact if desired.
  • Enter your Travel Preferences:
    • Input the loyalty numbers for travel programs you frequently use.
    • In the section TSA Secure Flight, enter your Gender and Date of Birth. This is required even if you do not plan on traveling.
  • Add Assistants and Travel Arrangers who will help you prepare your travel reservations.
  • Enter Credit Cards if desired to purchase your travel reservations.
  • For more information, download the Setting Up Your Concur Profile tip sheet.

4. Activate E-Receipts

  • On the home page in the Alerts section, click the link sign up here to activate e-receipt functionality.
  • Activating e-receipts enables you to send your receipts and documentation to Concur the following ways:
    • Scan and email your receipts to
    • Receive e-receipts from vendors where you incurred your expenses.
    • Use the ExpenseIt mobile app to take photos of your receipts and upload them to your Concur profile.
  • For more information, download the Activating E-Receipts tip sheet.

5. Follow Getting Started Guides

  • For specific instructions to get started using the system, download the getting started guide corresponding to your role.





Highlights of Changes

Most travel and expense reimbursement processes that were previously paper-based have now been streamlined, so some actions are different in Concur.

Submitting Receipts

E-receipts are electronic receipt images in Concur that replace paper receipts. E-receipts are required for most expense types with the exception of per diem, mileage or fixed meals.  

Missing Receipts
If you are missing a receipt for one of your expenses, contact the supplier to request a copy. For some expense types, a Missing Receipt Affidavit can be completed in Concur and attached to your expense report instead.   

Retaining Original Receipts
Retain your original receipts until your expense report is processed in Concur and reconciled to the monthly reports. If travel expenses are being charged to a grant, follow the grant guidelines for record retention.  

Booking Travel

Travel Requests
Travel requests are proposed requests for travel that must be submitted and approved in Concur before you make your reservations. Your department will determine if you are required to submit a travel request or not.

Reserving a Hotel Designated as a Preferred Conference Location
When attending a conference, the organizer may have designated a location for you to book a hotel. You may choose to make reservations using the information provided by the conference or you can check in Concur for a cheaper rate.

Frequent Flyer Miles or Points
Add your frequent flyer miles or points to Concur in your Profile Settings. As you make reservations, your frequent flyer miles or rewards will be added to your travel itinerary.

Selecting Your Airline Seat
In Concur you can select your airline seat. First choose your flight, then click the Select Seat option. The legend will show you which seats are available for your flight.

Flight Change Notifications
Download the mobile app TripIt Pro to receive notifications about flight delays, cancellations, gate changes and carousel numbers for luggage pickup.

Unused Tickets
Unused tickets are nonrefundable tickets that have not been used, usually due to a traveler's change in plans. A credit will be applied on the airline that you can use at a later date. The credit will show up in your Concur profile and will appear when you make future travel reservations.

Changing an Airline Ticket
To change your airline ticket reserved in Concur, contact The Travel Team, Inc. at 716-332-6500 or toll free number 800-633-6782.

Creating Expense Reports

When to Complete an Expense Report
Expense reports must be completed within 30 days of your trip end date. All e-receipt images must be loaded into Concur or provided to your delegate and all credit cards charges must be available.

Tracking an Expense Report in Concur
To track the status of your expense report, on the Concur home page click Open Reports or Expense. Open Reports will display the current status of the report. To view actions taken on the report, select the report and click Details, then click Audit Trail. If the expense report has already been paid, click Expense then click the link Report Library to view the expense history.

Per Diem in Concur
In Concur, per diem is referred to as travel allowance. Travel allowance includes incidental expenses which you would not be reimbursed for such as tips to bellmen or hotel cleaning staff.

Concur Mobile Apps

The following mobile apps are optional and available to complement the online Concur site.

  • Wait until your department liaisons complete a training session and authorize you to use Concur before you install and use the apps.
  • For help installing and using mobile apps, go to Travel and Expense Training Resources.

Concur Mobile App

The Concur Mobile app is the mobile version of the online Concur site. It fully integrates the expense management process.

Use this app to make travel reservations or create expense reports directly from your mobile device.

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