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Authorized UB faculty and staff use the travel and expense reimbursement system Concur to book business travel, and to submit business travel and non-travel expenses for reimbursement.

UBITName and Password are required

Pre-Approval is Required for All UB Travel

The university strongly recommends that all UB faculty, staff, students and non-employees (guests) avoid traveling to regions impacted by COVID-19. If a faculty, staff, student or non-employee (guest) travels for essential university business, they must adhere to NYS COVID-19 Travel Advisory guidelines. For those circumstances in which overnight business travel is required, the traveler/department must obtain pre-approval before making any travel arrangements. Travelers should follow guidance from their Unit Business Officer (UBO) to obtain required approvals, including the Deans approval for Academic units and Vice Presidential approval for Academic support units. Once your travel is pre-approved, and after your trip has occurred, you must attach a copy of the completed signed travel pre-approval form to your expense report for reimbursement. This is required for all funding sources (State, Research Foundation and UB Foundation).

Complete the Travel Pre-Approval Form

Getting Started in the Travel and Expense System

Follow these steps to get started using the travel and expense reimbursement system.

Roles in the Travel and Expense System

Traveler Non-Traveler Supervisor Cost Approver

The cost approver role in the travel and expense system is assigned to individuals officially designated as authorized approvers on accounts. Cost approvers are responsible for allocating expenses to the correct accounts and approving reports in the system.

Follow Getting Started Guide

For detailed instructions to get started using the system, refer to the Getting Started Guide for Supervisors and Cost Approvers.

1. Receive Email Notification

  • Cost approvers will receive email notifications from the travel and expense system when employee expense reports are submitted or forwarded to them for approval.
  • Click the link in the email notification to log in to the system to allocate and approve the expense report.

2. Go to Required Approvals

To view and allocate employee expense reports submitted or forwarded to you for approval, go to your Required Approvals. There are several ways to go to your Required Approvals from the home page:

  • Click Required Approvals in the Quick Task bar.
  • Click Required Approvals in My Tasks.
  • Click Approvals in the top menu bar.

3. Review Reports Pending Your Approval

  • Select a report pending your approval and click on the Report Name to open it.
  • Review the report header to confirm or change the funding source account information.
  • Review exceptions for errors on the report.

4. Allocate All Expenses

  • Cost approvers are responsible for allocating the expenses on reports to the correct accounts.
  • To allocate the expenses on a report: 
    • At the top of the report click Details, then click Allocations.
    • Select the checkboxes for the desired expenses, then click Allocate Selected Expenses.
    • Use the dropdown menus to enter the account information, then click Save.

5. Verify Expenses are Fully Allocated

  • When finished reviewing the report, verify that all expenses are fully allocated:
    • At the top of the report, click Details, then click Allocations.
    • Click the Summary button.
    • On the Allocation Summary, verify that the account information is complete for all expenses.

6. Return, Forward or Approve Report

  • After reviewing and allocating the employee's expense report, select one of the following options:
    • Send Back to User — return the report to the employee if it requires correction. Cost approvers cannot modify calculated fields on expense reports.
    • Approve and Forward — approve and forward the report to another cost approver if it requires additional review and allocation.
    • Approve — approve the report if it has been completed correctly and if all expenses have been fully allocated.

Travel and Expense System Instructions and Videos

Review instructional tip sheets and videos to learn how to use the travel and expense reimbursement system. 

Travel and Expense System Mobile Apps

The travel and expense system mobile apps are optional and available to complement the online site.

Concur Mobile App TripIt Pro App

Concur Mobile App

The Concur Mobile app complements the desktop site and fully integrates the expense management process.

Use the app to make travel reservations, create expense reports, and take pictures of your receipts and automatically turn them into expenses. This functionality was previously part of the ExpenseIt app which has been discontinued.

Before you download the app, you must first create a mobile PIN as your password to sign in.

Download the App

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