Assign a Delegate

You may assign a delegate in the travel and expense system, another user who is authorized to complete work on your behalf. However, first, be sure to confirm with your department that this is allowed.

In the system you can assign a delegate permission to:

  • Prepare your expense reports.
  • View your receipts.
  • Receive copies of your email notifications from the system.
  • Preview expense reports pending your approval on your behalf if you are both approvers.
  • Approve expense reports on your behalf if you are both approvers.

How to Assign a Delegate

1. Assign Your Delegates

  • At the top right of the home page, click the Profile icon, then click Profile Settings.
  • In the left navigation under Request or Expense Settings, click Request/Expense Delegates. (Figure 1).
  • Request and Expense Settings share the same delegates. Adding a delegate to either setting gives them permission to work in both the Request and Expense modules.
  • Click Add and a search bar will appear (Figure 2)
  • Enter the name of the person you want to add as your delegate.
  • Select the person when they appear in the list.

2. Assign a Preparer Delegate

Assign a preparer delegate permission to prepare expense reports on your behalf. Click the checkboxes to assign their permissions (Figure 3).

  • Click Can Prepare to allow the delegate to prepare your expense reports.
  • Click Can View Receipts to allow the delegate to view and attach your receipts.
  • Click Receives Emails to allow the delegate to be copied on email notifications you receive from the system.

When finished, click Save.