Create a Trip Itinerary

Create a trip itinerary for your travel expense reports.

How to Create a Multiple Trip Itinerary

1. Create a New Expense Report

On the left-hand side up at the top of the page, click the drop-down arrow next to Home

  • Click Requests (Figure 1)
  • Click on the approved request report.
  • Click Create Expense Report.

For more information, refer to the tip sheet Create a New Expense Report.

  • On the report header, complete the required fields with a red asterisk:
  • Answer the Claim Travel Allowance question, at the bottom of the report header:
    • Is this a Travel Reimbursement?
      • Click No, if you do not want to claim travel allowance.
        • Select No only if you not claiming per diems.
      • Click Yes, if you do want to claim travel allowance (meaning per diems).
  • Click Yes, then click the Next button to go to the next screen.

For more information, refer to the tip sheet Complete the Expense Report Header.

2. Create a Multiple Trip Itinerary

On the Create New Itinerary screen, you can start entering your itinerary. Make sure your selection is per diems at the top. (Figure 2)

Only Enter Cities You Lodged In Overnight

On your travel itinerary, only enter the cities you lodged in. If you had flight layovers, do not enter those cities.

In the New Itinerary Stop section, complete the required fields within red to record all legs of your trip (Figure 2):

  • First, enter the departing leg of your trip (example: Buffalo to Albany) and click Save.
    • If available, enter the next leg of your trip (example: Albany to Syracuse) and click Save.
  • Repeat as needed to enter additional overnight stays of your trip.
  • Enter the returning leg of your trip (example: Syracuse to Buffalo)
  • Click Save.

When finished, click Next.

3. Review Available Itineraries

On the Available Itineraries screen, review the itinerary you created then click Next (Figure 3).

Note: Your itinerary should look like what is in the green upper highlighted area in Figure 4, both lines are together under one itinerary. If they look like what is in the red lower highlighted area in Figure 4, it is incorrect and will result in your per diems not appearing. It will also cause an error that will not allow you to submit your report. 

Screenshot of Concur showing proper and improper itinerary examples.

Figure 4

For Per Diem, Edit Expenses and Adjustments

If you choose Per Diem as the meal selection, on the Expenses and Adjustments tab, click the checkboxes to exclude meals from reimbursement following the 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. travel guideline and to exclude meals that were provided. Once done, click on Create Expenses.