Travel With UBF Funds

Follow these guidelines to ensure you incur appropriate expenses while traveling with UB Foundation (UBF) funds.

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Travel Funding Options with UBF Funds

Travel and Mileage

What If You Don't Have Original Receipts?

When original receipts are not provided for meals or other transportation, the per diem amounts established by the IRS are used for reimbursement. Review the per diem rates.

Meetings and Entertainment

Contact an Expert

Sponsored Programs, Dental Medicine, Engineering & Applied Sciences, Architecture & Planning, Nursing 

Cindy Paterson.

Cindy Paterson

Accounts Payable Associate

UB Foundation

Phone: 716-645-8724


Arts & Sciences, Health Sciences, Medicine & Biomedical Sciences


Tina Mattison

Accounting Associate

UB Foundation

Phone: 716-645-3017


UDSMR, Management, Law, Pharmacy, Student Life

Ingrid McCabe.

Ingrid McCabe

Accounts Payable Associate

UB Foundation

Phone: 716-645-8723


Athletics, Graduate School of Education, Social Work, Student Housing, Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement

Kishanie Fernando.

Kishanie Fernando

Accounts Payable Associate

UB Foundation

Phone: 716-645-8743


Stephanie (Stevie) Ruffino.

Stephanie (Stevie) Ruffino

Accounts Payable Coordinator

UB Foundation

Phone: 716-645-8748


Rose Dommer.

Rose Dommer

Accounts Payable Manager

UB Foundation

Phone: 716-645-8749


For help using the travel and expense reimbursement system, contact:

Business Services Customer Support

Phone: 716-645-4500, press 2 for the travel and expense reimbursement system