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Manage your paycheck so it fits your lifestyle and schedule and learn about the information in your pay record.

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To view or change your employee profile, log in to the SUNY portal for State with your UBITName and password or the SUNY portal for Research Foundation with your RF account login credentials.

Paycheck Formats

Paycheck Options
Pay Format Description
Paycheck Paper paycheck is delivered to your department and distributed by designated staff in the department

Not available to everyone
Direct Deposit Pay is deposited into one to eight accounts at one or more financial institutions of your choosing

It takes one or two pay cycles to process a direct deposit request

When Is Payday?

Reading My Paycheck

Use Payroll Self Service Tools

Use the payroll self service tool that corresponds to your paycheck type to view payroll information and make changes.

Change My Tax Withholding

You may change your withholding online through the SUNY portal or download a PDF copy to complete and submit to HR. 

Submit Online

Download a PDF Form

Contact a Payroll Expert

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