Managing Facilities for Your Unit

As a manager for facilities for your unit, you will need access to information and want to understand how your unit gets things done.

Planning and Management Officer (FPMO)

Get Assigned

Each school and VP unit identifies the Facilities Planning and Management Officer (FPMO).  Larger units may assign liaisons to assist with your facilities plans and renovations.

Once your unit notifies University Facilities of your appointment, you'll be added to an FPMO mailing list (listserv) and a electronic group that permits access with your UBITName to some forms.

Get Familiar With Your Job Role

You are your unit's voice for all things related to UB's facilities and environment. Likewise, you are University Facilities spokesperson for the faculty and staff in your unit.


  • Communicate any developing plans that will impact your space needs to Campus Planning. Endeavors that require additional space should be addressed first within a department’s current allocation and then within the school or unit. 
  • Educate staff and faculty as to the renovations process, timing and scheduling.  Work directly with the end user, Campus Planning and Design and Construction, overseeing the renovation projects for the school or unit. 
  • Communicate needs related to public spaces within their schools or units building; including public lobbies, classrooms, directories, common areas, exterior spaces. Work with facilities and others to improve the environment within these areas to the appropriate unit or committee.
  • Represent the school or unit at Facilities Planning and Management meetings. Communicate relevant information to your units.


  • Act as liaison with Campus Planning for all space additions, decreases and changes and renovation requests. 
  • Have available to them all keys/swipe cards and or security passes needed to enter to all spaces within the school or unit in case of an emergency and/or planned visits.
  • Facilitate office moves within your school or unit effecting your faculty and staff. This may include coordination and the purchase or lease of telephone equipment, copy equipment, furniture, moving services, work orders. 
  • Coordinate and develop a multi-year facilities plan and update it annually (via the ARPP process)
  • Designate contact for emergency notifications and coordination as well as the liaison for emergency planning. Organize and or participate in any required safety committees for the school or unit.

Space Manager

  • Oversee all space assigned to the school or unit by serving as the point person for all facilities related issues within your buildings (e.g. custodial, signage, furnishings, storage, directories, maintenance, emergency actions, code compliances, security, health & safety). Tasks may be delegated as appropriate within the given unit.
  • Help to provide effective utilization of space within school or unit by assisting in the identification of poorly utilized space as well as mismatches (between room design and room use). Help to rectify and provide equitable and optimum use of space resources.
  • Communicate any and all changes in the Physical Space Inventory (PSI) so that the inventory is kept current and accurate. Participate in the annual Physical Space Inventory and Indirect Cost Recovery surveys by providing accurate and honest space information.


  • Ensure that space standards and policies set forth by the University for the academic, administrative and research portfolios are adhered to and that space is assigned in such a way as to advance the mission of the university.
  • Work with Facilities; assist in the enforcement of energy conservation programs and policy taking actions to reduce University energy costs balanced against occupant comfort.
  • Work with Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Accessibility at UB in relationship to accessibility accommodations for staff including physical accessibility, program accessibility and virtual accessibility.

Attend a Getting Started Session

Contact Cheryl Bailey to schedule an appointment for FPMO training.

Cheryl Bailey avatar.

Cheryl Bailey

Assistant Director

Facilities, Campus Planning

119X John Beane Center

Phone: 716-645-3835


Learn About Facilities-Related Policies

Become familiar with policies about UB's environment, facilities, health and safety which are available in the UB Policy Library. Each policy includes contact information for the responsible office and executive.

Stay Up-to-Date

Attend tri-yearly Facilites Planning and Management Officers meetings.  Typically they occur in February, June and late September. You'll receive an invitation and agenda in advance.

  • 3/23/20
    UB strives to have safe work places for all faculty, staff and students. Be proactive — know and follow safety protocols.
  • 5/9/18
    Service advisories are issued whenever the UB community is likely to experience a change in usual operations. 
  • 6/26/19
    Our university community is served by skillful teams who ensure our campuses function at the highest possible level of efficiency.
  • 7/22/20
    UB adheres to principles in planning for new space and the management of all space for the University at Buffalo — whether located on campus or off-campus. These principles apply to all university units — academic, administrative, housing and student services.
  • 7/3/18
    Code reviews and building permits are key services during the construction and contract management phase of a project. 

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Renovation requests are large projects that require a building permit (such as a change of occupancy use, removing walls and doors, adding plumbing, HVAC modifications).