Managing Procurement

UB is committed to providing professional and value-added service to university staff and suppliers. Our intention is to deliver an exceptional experience to ensure our customers always have the best tools, resources and expert help available to aid in the management of procurement activities.  

Stages of the Procurement Process

Finding a Good or Service

UB Purchasing strives to achieve the best possible combination of service and cost when selecting a supplier, while being in accordance with various purchasing initiatives.

The Supplier Diversity Program is designed to broaden UB’s network of business partners.  The program aligns resources with new initiatives to create a comprehensive, university-wide focus on strengthening the economic development and viability of local diversity suppliers.

Deciding Which Way to Make My Purchase

The way to make a purchase depends on the goods and services you're ordering, your funding source and the dollar amount of your purchase. You will probably use all these tools to manage your procurement needs.

eProcurement   Procurement Card eReq
For state, UBF and RF purchases up to $4,999 from Staples Advantage, UPS CampusShip, Fisher Scientific, and VWR.

For state purchases up to $4,999, and UBF and RF purchases up to $2,500.

For state, UBF and RF purchases for any dollar amount.
Use eProcurement Use a Procurement Card (PCard)
Use eReq
Some circumstances challenge standard procedures. We can help you manage your special purchasing needs.

Receive and Pay for Your Order

Accounts Payable processes payments to suppliers for purchase orders.  AP staff matches the invoice to the purchase order and receiving information to complete the payment process. We can provide training on the Web Receiver system and answer questions regarding the payment process.

Manage Purchased Equipment

All assets purchased with state, Research Foundation (RF) or UB Foundation (UBF) funds become the property of the University at Buffalo. Consult the UB's Managing University Equipment Policy for the exact procedures for all asset management.
If equipment in your department is no longer of use to you, there could be other UB departments, SUNY units or other organizations that would be able to use it. 
UB SWAP is a resource designed to efficiently and effectively aid departments in redistributing equipment and supplies throughout the university.

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