Hiring A Candidate

As managers, we have a responsibility to identify the best possible candidate for a vacant position — one who will have a positive impact on our university. Use this hiring process to help you meet your goals.

Human Resources (HR) has created temporary applicant pools to help departments identify someone to fill a temporary need within their departments.  
When a vacancy arises in your department, take time to plan what your needs are and how you are going to identify the best candidate for your job.
The search process will help you find the best candidate for a position once you have a posting.   Learn how to manage and organize your search in a meaningful way for a successful end result.
After you have received an email notification that the hiring proposal has been approved, you are ready to begin the process of making this candidate a new employee in your department.
A background check is a great tool to use to verify a candidate's credentials when selected as a finalist. A background check can be requested at the time an offer is made to a new employee.
When you close out the posting you are able to begin the paperwork to make your candidate a new employee.

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