Travel Receipt Envelopes Request

Travel receipt envelopes are a great way to retain receipts while traveling. They can also serve as a reminder for which receipts are needed for reimbursement. The actual envelope does not need to be attached to the travel voucher.


  1. Complete and submit the request.
  2.  Expect the envelopes by Campus Mail in 3-4 business days.

Tip: Save These Receipts

Receipts you should save are printed on the travel envelopes:

  • Trip purpose or title of conference
  • Date of travel
  • Original airline boarding passes (if given)
  • Original itemized lodging bill (with zero balance due )
  • University business call or Internet charges identified on hotel bill
  • Conference agenda or program
  • Documentation of conference single room rate
  • Original itemized car rental receipt
  • Original gasoline receipts (for car rental only)
  • Taxi receipts for airport or hotel transportation
  • Tolls and/or parking (can use EZPass online statement)

How Many Envelopes Do You Need?


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