Approve a Requisition

In ShopBlue, approvers are responsible for reviewing and approving requisitions.

How to Approve a Requisition

Approve a Requisition [1:56]

1. Assign Requisition

In order to approve a purchase requisition, you must first assign it to yourself.  To do this, you can click directly on the flag icon in the top right in order to view “Unassigned Approvals – Requisitions” (Figure 1). Click on the requisition number (Figure 2), then click “Assign To Myself” at the top right (Figure 3).

2. Review Requisition

Once you have the requisition assigned to you, you will be able to go through and make any necessary edits before approving.

Note: If you are unable to edit a requisition, it is because the requisition is not yet assigned to you.

While on the “Summary” tab, clicking the pencil icon will allow you to edit each section as needed before approval (Figure 4).

3. Approve Requisition

Once you have edited the requisition, you are ready to approve it.  To approve, click the “Approve/Complete Step” button (Figure 5).  Note also the other available choices in the Document Actions dropdown (Figure 6).