Confirming Received Guidelines

Confirming Received requisitions are transactions where invoices are submitted for payment of goods or services that were obtained without prior approval from Procurement Services. In ShopBlue, this is called a Payment Request. With the exception of specific commodities and services, these transactions are not allowable.

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Prior Authorization

Prior Authorization is Required for Purchases

University at Buffalo employees are not authorized to purchase merchandise or request services from a supplier without prior approval from Procurement Services.

Employees intending to order or receive goods or services from a supplier must obtain prior approval from Procurement Services, resulting in the issuance of a formal purchase order.

Invoices submitted with a purchase requisition after the fact for payment purposes only will not be accepted by Procurement Services when using state funds after August 1, 2019, unless they are on the allowable commodity list. Individuals who violate this procedure will be sent a warning letter.

Individuals who fail to obtain prior authorization from Procurement Services are in violation of state law, university policy and may be held personally liable for any indebtedness that is ultimately owed to the contractor or vendor. Further disciplinary action could be taken at the discretion of the employee's department.

Only Procurement Services staff can enter into an agreement with a vendor to provide goods or services on behalf of the university or bind the university to financial commitments.

Purchasing From University Service Centers

Prior authorization from Purchasing Services is not required for orders placed with University Service Centers (e.g., Print Services) for approved Service Center rates.

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See the full list of allowed commodities and services

Purchasing from Foreign Suppliers

A purchase order must be established prior to ordering goods or services from foreign suppliers, regardless of commodity.

Orders from foreign suppliers may not be submitted as a Confirming Received eReq or ShopBlue Payment Request, even if the commodity is on the allowable list.

Signatory Authority

Only Procurement staff or personnel designated in the Approval Authority Policy are authorized to sign procurement-related agreements.

Allowable Commodity List

Confirming Received transactions will be allowed only for specific commodities and services.

Exception Request Form

An exception form will be required for a Confirming Received transaction that is not on the allowable commodity list. Only Research Foundation (RF) and UB Foundation (UBF) funding will be allowed for use with the exception request form with proper justification and documentation.

Abuse or overuse of the exception request form may result in revocation of this transactional option, at the sole discretion of Business Services.

University and New York State Contracts

When a university or New York state contract is already in place, Confirming Received transactions may be acceptable in certain instances.  For specific guidance, contact the buyer who handles the commodity or service in question.

Use Procurement Card

Use of a Procurement Card (PCard) is an alternative for many Confirming Received purchases.  With departmental approval, PCards are available for all three funding sources: state, RF and UBF.


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