Contract Compliance Guidelines for Departments

Contractors’ performance is continually monitored and evaluated to determine whether contractors deliver goods and services in accordance with the contract terms and other requirements. 

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UB's Contract Compliance Process

The university’s contract compliance process is collaborative, with activities carried out in multiple areas, including Purchasing, Accounts Payable, and the departments that receive goods or services under a contract. 

Internal Controls Required for Contracts

Departments are responsible for implementing internal controls in order to safeguard that contracts are managed appropriately to ensure delivery of goods and services, efficiencies and to mitigate risk to the university.

Departmental Responsibilities

It is the expectation that a staff member will be assigned the role of ongoing review and management of contracts on behalf of the department. The staff member must be knowledgeable of the departmental responsibilities and understand the commitments made by both parties in the contracts.

Contact an Expert

Questions?  Contact the buyer who handles your contract, or look up the appropriate buyer who handles the contracted goods or services.

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