View Requisition Workflow

You can view the history of a Purchase Requisition (PR.) The history will show who created, approved and changed it.


How to View Requisition Workflow

1. Navigate to the My Requisitions Widget

At the bottom of the shopping homepage, you will see a display of your requisitions in a List or a Graph form.

For graph view, select the appropriate graph icon based on what type of requisition you are searching (Figure 1). This will display a list of the pending, completed, rejected, or withdrawn requisitions based on what graph icon you selected.

For list view, go straight to step two.

2. Select Desired Requisition

Select the desired requisition by clicking directly on the requisition number (Figure 2).

3. View Workflow

On the right side bar you can view your order’s workflow and see which step your requisitions is in (Figure 3). For this example, the order is now waiting for “State Account Owner Approval.”

4. See Who Has the Requisition in Their Queue

To view the names and contact information of who has the order click on the highlighted words in blue. This will create a dropdown of everyone who has the order in their queue (Figure 4).

Note: The Sidebar can be hidden or shown by clicking the “3 lines” icon at the top right corner of the screen (Figure 5).