Standing Order Request

A special form is required to set up standing orders. 

Standing Order Information

A Standing Order is a PO issued to establish an account with a supplier to obtain specific goods and services during a set period of time at an agreed upon price (e.g., having a supplier deliver two gas cylinders a week for a one year period). Standing Orders are encumbered when the PO is created.

Supporting documentation must be attached with each request (i.e., Quotes, Justifications).

How to Submit a Standing Order Request

Standing Order Request [2:15]

1. Go to Special Requests

When you are ready to begin filling out your Standing Order Request form, return to the ShopBlue Shopping home page and look for the Special Request tab under “Showcases” towards the bottom (Figure 1).

2. Click Standing Order Request

In the “Special Request” tab, click Standing Order Request (Figure 2).

3. Search for Supplier

The first step of the form asks you to search for and select your desired supplier. Below the “Enter Supplier” field, click the magnifying glass to search for, and select, your supplier (Figure 3).

4. Enter Start and End Dates

After the supplier has been selected, the start and end date of the Standing Order needs to be entered. If this is replacing a previous Standing Order PO, click “Yes (provide PO Below)”, and enter the PO number in the box below (Figure 4).

5. Enter Business Purpose

Next, you will need to provide the business purpose and justification for needing the Standing PO.  You may also provide any supporting documents by clicking “Add” (Figure 5).

6. Enter Order Information

Next, enter a description of the Standing Order and provide the full amount of the Standing PO in the “Unit Price” field. If you have more than one line item each Standing Order form needs to have the correct unit price for the line item, you are creating (Figure 6).

7. Complete Form and Go To Cart

Once the form is complete, navigate to the top of the form (Figure 7).

  • If no other lines need to be added, select Complete Form and Go to Cart.”
  • If you need more than one line, select “Save to Cart and Add Another.” This will create another Standing Order line item you can add a different description and UNSPSC codes/OEC codes when you complete your requisition.

8. Proceed to Checkout

After you have completed the Standing Order form, go to your cart and “Proceed to Checkout” (Figure 8).