Additional Inquiry Access in ShopBlue

Staff can request access to view information about Purchase Orders and Requisitions in ShopBlue or delete access.

By default, ShopBlue allows people to view Purchase Orders and Requisitions in the same departmental entity that was assigned to them from Human Resources. In the instance someone is working closely with another department that is not their original assigned department there may be need for additional ShopBlue inquiry (view) access.

This form will not grant ShopBlue access into the system or change anyone's appointment entity.


  1. Enter information about adding or deleting additional access in ShopBlue
  2. A request will be sent to the UBO for approval of access
  3.  On approval by the UBO, ShopBlue will notify all parties

Note: If you are requesting access in another VP or Decanal unit, the UBO in that unit must make the request.

Need Help Completing the Form?

For help using ShopBlue e-procurement system, contact:

ShopBlue System Support

Phone: 716-645-4500


Form Facts

Form Type: HTML

Requirements: Web browser

Updated: 10/10/2023

Owner: Business Services