Posting a Job Opening

When a vacancy arises in your department, take time to plan what your needs are and how you are going to identify the best candidate for your job.

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Identify When a Vacancy Is Created

Vacancies can arise based on department operating needs or as a result of employment actions from your existing faculty and staff. 

The most common actions that result in a vacancy are:
  • Retirement
  • Transfer
  • Promotion
  • Resignation
  • Termination/Non renewal
  • New position created
Classify Your Position

Check to be sure you have followed the guidelines for classifying your position before starting the posting planning.

Prepare the Posting Of Your Vacancy

Working closely with your search committee before a vacancy is posted will help both with the preparation of your posting in UB Jobs as well as give you a more clear understanding of the search committee's expectations from you.

Working With a Search Firm?

Contact Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at 716-645-2266 to discuss the data collection requirements when a search firm is contracted.

Post Your Vacancy

Approved users can post available jobs online.

Contact An Expert

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