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After you have received an email notification that the hiring proposal has been approved, you are ready to begin the process of making an offer to this candidate.

Prepare Information

Gather position and offer information to include in your offer:

  • Candidate salutation
  • Candidate name
  • Candidate address
  • Candidate city, state and zip code
  • Official title
  • Department name
  • Offer salary
  • Effective date of appointment
  • Appointment term
  • Supervisor of the position
  • Supervisor’s title
  • Department head’s name
  • Department head’s title

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Add Required Language Depending on the Hire Terms

Find specific language that needs to be added to your letter based on your position type.

Department Chair

Add a department chair designation.

In addition, I am pleased to offer you the designation of Chair for the <<Insert Department Name>>. This designation is made according to Article IX, Title C of the SUNY Policies of the Board of Trustees which can be located at:

Athletics Responsibility to Cooperate

Responsibility to cooperate

As a term of employment, school presidents and athletics staff must commit contractually to full cooperation in the investigations and infractions process. Full cooperation means reporting violations in a timely manner; sharing all knowledge and documents requested in a timely manner; providing access to all electronic devices, social media and other technology; and maintaining confidentiality. The chair of the Division I Committee on Infractions or the Independent College Sports Adjudication Panel can impose immediate penalties when schools or individuals do not cooperate (including loss of revenue or postseason opportunities). These bodies can consider lack of cooperation as admission of a violation.

Background Check

Add contingent offer of employment language when a background check is required.

This offer is contingent on the university's verification of credentials and any other information required by state law and University at Buffalo policies, including the completion of a criminal history check. You will be required to provide the third-party vendor electronic consent for background checks and your identifying information, including date of birth and social security number.

Contingent Permanent Line (Classified Only)

Notification when hired into a contingent line.

The line number in which you are being placed is a contingent permanent line, which is a line that someone has a hold on while serving probation in another position.

Downtown Parking

Parking options for new employees to the downtown medical corridor.

This offer of employment sets the full extent of terms, conditions and benefits in regard to workplace parking. You may apply for a faculty/staff parking pass, which will allow you to park in designated lots on the North and South campuses (subject to applicable fees, terms and conditions). You shall be solely responsible for the full cost of any or all additional workplace parking expenses, including but not limited to parking in and around the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biological Sciences and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

Negotiated Package Offer

Add when preparing an offer package for the finalist upon acceptance.

  • It is anticipated that you will receive ...
  • At this time we are prepared to offer you…

New Faculty with Tenure

New faculty members hired with tenure, must be notified that the initial appointment is a recommendation to the Chancellor.

I will recommend to the President that he advise the Chancellor to approve your appointment as a tenured faculty member.

Part-Time Faculty

Include in all letters

Add the appropriate primary obligation.

  • Primary obligation: Teaching
  • Primary obligation: Non-teaching

Adjunct Instructors Biweekly Rates

Biweekly rate availability

Adjunct biweekly amounts will be available in SIRI by 8/1 for ePTF's submitted by the 7/1 deadline

Professional Obligation

Notice of change in professional obligation and work hours.

This offer of employment sets no right or obligation with respect to duties or responsibilities that may be assigned to you, nor hours of work you may be required to fulfill. At all times during your employment, management maintains full discretion to add, remove or otherwise modify duties/responsibilities, commensurate with your official job title. Your professional obligation, as it shall come to be known, may be revised and/or modified solely at management’s discretion, in writing to you. Likewise, for the duration of your employment and at management’s discretion, your hours of work shall remain subject to change and you may be required to work non-traditional hours (e.g. evenings, weekends).

Simultaneous Non-Renewal

Term nonrenewal clause at time of appointment or reappointment.

Any reappointment of your employment term is subject to the conditions of reappointment in the SUNY Policies of the Board of Trustees, your job performance and formal reappointment by the President or other designated University official. In accordance with the Policies of the Board of Trustees and the collective bargaining agreement between New York State and United University Professions, this appointment is non-renewed at this time and your final date of employment is <<INSERT DATE>>. However, this official notice of nonrenewal can be withdrawn and/or modified by the appropriate University official and a concurrent notice of reappointment issued.

Route Your Letter

  • Send the letter to the candidate/employee
  • Attach a copy of the letter to the ePTF
  • Retain a signed copy in your departmental files

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