Create an Offer Letter

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After you have received an email notification that the hiring proposal has been approved, you are ready to begin the process of making an offer to this candidate.

Prepare Information

Gather position and offer information to include in your offer:

  • Candidate salutation
  • Candidate name
  • Candidate address
  • Candidate city, state and zip code
  • Official title
  • Department name
  • Offer salary
  • Effective date of appointment
  • Appointment term
  • Supervisor of the position
  • Supervisor’s title
  • Department head’s name
  • Department head’s title

Download a Template

Add Required Language Depending on the Hire Terms

Find specific language that needs to be added to your letter based on your position type.

Route Your Letter

  • Send the letter to the candidate
  • Attach a copy of the letter to the ePTF
  • Retain a signed copy in your departmental files

Contact an Expert

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