Onboarding New Employees

Providing a new employee tools and information is empowering and can lead to success. An early start to onboarding an employee helps a new employee start using university services even before the first day.  

  • Initiate a New Employee Welcome Packet
    Sending your new eligible employee a welcome packet provides the tools needed to start utilizing the services UB has to offer.
  • Process New Hire Documents
    Timely submission of a new employee's paperwork allows the employee to sign up for orientations, decreases the delay in receipt of the first paycheck and begins the employee's career here at UB. 
  • Prepare for the New Employee's Arrival
    Find out how responsibilities are assigned in your department for preparing for a new employee's arrival. The goal is to make your employee feel welcome and easily fit into your department.
  • Facilitate Employee's Orientation
    Make orientation arrangements for new employees to ease them into their new positions and help them develop and understand the university's mission, values and goals. 
  • Assist New Employee With Resources
    There is a wealth of information and resources available to employees. Jump-start the employee's orientation with our recommendations.

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