Prepare for the New Employee's Arrival

Find out how responsibilities are assigned in your department for preparing for a new employee's arrival. The goal is to make your employee feel welcome and easily fit into your department.

On this page:

Anticipate Employee Questions Before Day 1

Advise your new employee:

  • Date and time of first day
  • Where to report 
  • The supervisor's name
  • What to bring
  • The most convenient parking to the workplace
    •   Where to park without a parking pass
  • The usual dress for your office
  • Facilities or resources for meals
    •  Office refrigerator
    • Eating guidelines for the workplace

Use UB's  online maps for campus directions.

See how to use interactive maps at

Set Up the Work Space

  • Identify a work area
    • Clean the area 
    • Request door access and keys if necessary

Find out how to request housekeeping services such as vacuuming or submit a request to Facilities for painting or carpet cleaning.


  • Work with departmental IT staff to set up a computer
    • Request access to online services in your department
  • Submit a request to update the name on the phone and reset the voicemail password
  • Provide basic tools and supplies