Facilitate Employee's Orientation

Make orientation arrangements for new employees to ease them into their new positions and help them develop and understand the university's mission, values and goals. 

Conduct a Departmental Orientation

Share details about your organization. Taking the opportunity to answer questions before the new employee asks will help put your employee at ease. 

Include in your departmental orientation:

  • Meet and greet departmental staff
  • Give an office tour
  • Discuss the goals of the department
  • Discuss emergency evacuation procedures
  • Explain tasks and responsibilities
  • Discuss the department filing system
  • Discussion about how time and accrual sheets are managed
  • Provide a schedule of trainings and orientations for the employees first week or two

Employee Profile

Demonstrate how an employee can look up his pay source (affiliation) using the appropriate SUNY self-service portal.


To view or change your employee profile, log in to the SUNY portal for State with your UBITName and password, the SUNY portal for Research Foundation with your RF account login credentials, or AccuFund Portal for UB Foundation with your AccuFund account login credentials.