Hiring a Temporary Employee

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Human Resources (HR) has created temporary applicant pools to help departments identify someone to fill a temporary need within their departments.  

Position Types Available

Position Descriptions
Position Description Employment
Staff Assistant
Incumbents of this position will spend a majority of their work time performing a combination of administrative tasks that may include: personnel, budgeting, data analysis, marketing and purchasing.

Can be hired to work full or part time up to 1 year


Can be hired hourly or annual salaried

Office Assistant
Incumbents of this position will spend the majority of their work time performing a combination of clerical tasks which may include: general office support, basic calculations, typing, record keeping, filing, mail and supply, data entry, data verification and inventory functions.

Can be hired to work full or part time up to 1 year


Must be hired as hourly

Temporary Suspended

The limitation that an Office Assistant 1 can be hired to work full or part time up to 89 days in an hourly position is temporary suspended.  

Note: 2088 is the standard number of hours used by the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) to determine hourly rates.

Minimum Qualifications

Temporary Staff Assistant:

• Bachelor’s degree
• Experience performing administrative tasks or providing customer service
• Ability to work collaboratively
• Effective problem solving skills

A combination of education and experience or relevant military training may be considered in lieu of a Bachelor’s degree on a year for year basis.

Temporary Office Assistant 1:

There are no minimum qualifications for this position.

Procedure for Hiring a Temporary Employee

Step 1: Request a Line Number

All state positions require a unique line number which will need to be requested prior to submitting the position in UB Jobs.

Step 2: Submit a Position Request in UB Jobs

Requests to utilize the university temp pool are submitted through UB Jobs.  When submitting your position description, be sure to:

  1. Use the in-house title "Temporary Staff Assistant" or "Temporary Office Assistant 1" depending on the position you are requesting.
  2. Use the existing minimum qualifications as defined by the position type.
  3. Include a note in the submission that indicates that you are requesting a temp from the university temp pool.
Form a Search Committee

Recruiting for a Temporary Staff Assistant or Office Assistant 1 will require a search committee with a minimum of 3 members.  These individuals must be identified in advance and included on the posting checklist.

What to Expect From HR

  1. Create an invited only posting
  2. Copy in a list of potential candidates into your posting
  3. Notify you when the applicant list is available

Hire a Candidate

  1. Review, interview and make a selection based on your employment needs
  2. Submit a hiring proposal through UB Jobs to HR for final approval
  3. Make an offer to the selected candidate
  4. Conduct a background check (if applicable)
  5. Disqualify remaining applicants (only send emails to applicants who were contacted)
  6. Process your ePTF

Contact an Expert

UB Jobs Support Staff


Phone: 716-645-5627

Email: UB-Jobs@buffalo.edu

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