Request a Line Number

All state positions are assigned a unique line number when they are created. This number is required and utilized throughout the Human Resources (HR) systems both at the university and in the state systems.

Find out whose responsibility it is to request a line number in your department.

Getting Started With Line Assignment

Submit a request to get access to employee data.  

Requesting a Line Number

Gather the needed position information before entering the line assignment application including:

  • Effective date — accept the default date unless you are processing a retroactive appointment
  • Title — use the official state title of the position
  • Pay basis — choose the appropriate pay basis for the line you are requesting
  • Position type — you will need to select a position type for a TEMP service line requests
  • Account number — choose an account number within your department to be able to access in ePTF
  • Department — select the department where this position will be working

Contact An Expert

Line Assignment Support Staff

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