Conducting a Background Check

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A background check is a great tool to use to verify a candidate's credentials when selected as a finalist. A background check can be requested at the time an offer is made to a new employee.

Positions Requiring a Background Check

Background checks are conducted to mitigate risk and support the university’s fiduciary responsibility to protect the security, safety, and health of its community. Background checks are required for positions that:

  • Are responsible for the health, safety and security of the university community and its students
  • Have access to restricted or private data, or controlled substances
  • Have broad access to facilities
  • Have financial and business officer responsibilities
  • Have roles as senior administrators

Understand Your Role

A background check is a shared responsibility between the HR staff in both the department and central offices.

  • The department is responsible for gathering the candidate information
  • HR submits and monitors the request  

Next Steps

  • HR will update the UB Jobs hiring proposal with the final outcome once the check is complete
  • HR will send monthly interdepartmental invoices for payment of completed checks  

A background check takes 3-5 business days to complete.

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