Defining Background Checks

Criminal Felony and Misdemeanor

The search is performed at the county level. The search is conducted based on current residence address, other known addresses revealed by the social security trace or by a la carte entry.

Social Security Number (SSN) Trace

The search returns an applicant’s history of addresses. These addresses are based on where they have established credit.

National Sex Offender Registry

The search is performed by accessing the US Department of Justice’s sex offender database which contains listing of more than 500,000 registered sex offenders from all 50 states. It identifies a certain audience with a disposition for repeating similar crimes.

Widescreen Plus National Criminal Search

The search includes a database with hundreds of millions of records, and this number is increasing frequently as new records and counties are added to the database, from multiple providers. Data includes criminal court records from state Administrative Offices of Courts, state Departments of Correction, Departments of Public Safety, plus county-level court records from all 50 states, sex offender registry checks in 49 states, the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), plus HireRight proprietary records dating back to 1985... something no other company can offer. Any derogatory information found in the database search is automatically verified from the original source before being reported to the customer, to ensure 100% compliance with FCRA rules.


HireRight verifies an applicant’s previous employment by contacting the source directly. It verifies the employer name, start and end dates of employment, job title and salary (where permitted).


The education product is used to verify high school diplomas, GED’s, degrees, credentials and the dates received. It verifies the institution attended, date degree awarded, dates of attendance, major of area studies, degree/credit received from the institution and current enrollment and program.

Professional Credentials

The professional licenses product is used to verify an applicant’s license or verification, including the validity and accuracy of an applicant’s professional license or verification as provided for employment purposes. The verification includes license number, type of license, specific credentials, date issued, expiration date and disciplinary action.

Motor Vehicle

The MVR check reveals violations, suspensions and revocations as well as the type of license and any restrictions.