Changing From 21 Paychecks to 26 Paychecks Per Year For State Faculty

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State 10-month faculty who receive 21 paychecks throughout the academic year can elect to receive 26 paychecks throughout the calendar year.

There will be no change to total salary or cost in benefits. Salary and benefit costs will be spread out through the year. The benefits of this change include:

  • Paychecks received in the summer months
  • Health insurance deductions are equally spread out
  • Lower biweekly amount deducted for tax-deferred supplemental retirement
  • Lower federal, state and social security taxes each pay period
  • Summer monies earned would be added to regular checks increasing the amount of your biweekly paycheck
  • Receive chair stipend or also receives throughout the summer

Estimate New Paycheck Amount

Important Dates

Important dates to be aware of:

  • Changes will be effective on September 1
  • Forms must be sent to department heads by June 30
  • Department heads must submit a Pay Option Change ePTF to HR no later than July 31
Complete the Request Form

Pay Option Change Consent Request

Submit to your department.

Need To Know

  • Once the 26-paycheck plan has been selected, it cannot be changed back to the 21-paycheck plan 
  • Since September 1 may not be the start of a pay period, the first paycheck under the new plan may not be a whole paycheck 

If an employee is going on a leave, please contact Human Resources prior to the start of the leave.

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