Changing a Professional Employee's Pay Basis To 10 Months

A state professional employee with a 12 month appointment can arrange to work 10 months and be paid over the entire year.  College year professional positions result in a financial savings to departments and provide flexibility in the employees’ schedules.

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Determine Eligibility

New Employees

  • Select a line from the line application using the CYF Pay basis
  • Submit the classification and posting request through UB Jobs
  • Identify on the posting the dates a new hire will be working

Existing Employees

  • Complete the Professional Staff Request for Change in Professional Obligation from 12 Months to 10 Months form 
  • Submit an ePTF annually for a TERM employee
Submitting an ePTF

An ePTF only needs to be submitted once to change a PERM employee from 12 month to 10 month.

Estimate the New Paycheck Amount

Impact on Employment

No Impact

Eligibility for permanent appointment or progression towards permanent appointment

All previously earned vacation and sick time 

Your health, dental, vision, prescription, etc. benefits will continue for the entire year

Staff enrolled in the Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) or the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) will receive a full year’s credit for the completion of each year for the purpose of retirement service credit


New salary will be adjusted and paid over 12 months

Leave accruals will be earned for the 10 months worked

Money contributed to individual retirement contracts will be based on the lower salary amount for members of the Optional Retirement Program (TIAA/CREF)

The calculation for the value of sick leave to offset health insurance premiums in retirement will be lower

Required approvals

  • Employee
  • Supervisor
  • Department head
  • Vice President, Provost or Executive Vice President
Changing Back to 12 Months

If all approvers agree on changing a 10 month appointment to a 12 month appointment, effective the next August 1, the position will be changed.