Summer Research Foundation (RF) Appointments

Opportunities for summer or winter employment by the Research Foundation (RF) or state are available for some individuals who meet the eligibility requirements.

Summer dates are 5/16/2024 through 8/14/2024

Quick Facts

  • Summer compensation from all sources cannot exceed three months of the individual's full-time academic year base salary
  • If faculty have received prior salary directly deposited by The Research Foundation, they will continue to do so
Tax-Deferring Income
Tax Deferral Action Help
Previously tax-deferred RF summer income Re-enroll for this year at
First-time RF summer tax deferral Enroll at

Appointment Requirements For RF Faculty

Returning Summer Faculty

Returning summer faculty employees who were on the RF payroll the preceding summer must complete the RF summer calculator form. 

If they will be receiving more than two months summer salary from any funding source, they must also complete the Summer Appointment Certification form.  

No Summer Appointment Preceding Year

Summer appointment faculty who did not have an appointment last summer must complete a new hire transaction, including the Summer Calculator form. For assistance, contact an RF payroll expert.

Summer-Only Appointment

The position is being established to reflect an operation location’s special needs during the summer months by compensating an academic-year employee for sponsored program activity outside of the academic year, providing that:

  • The employee is not currently employed by the Research Foundation in an ongoing position
  • There is no expectation that the position will continue during the academic year
  • The employee is not on the RF Payroll in a regular appointment prior to the proposed summer-only appointment with the exceptions described under “Prior Regular Appointees"

The summer-only employee is an employee whose appointment period is within the summer period.  Faculty summer appointments can only be given for a maximum of 13 weeks in the summer date range.    

Summer dates are 5/16/2024 through 8/14/2024

Using the RF Summer Calculator

Use the Summer Salary Calculator to determine the maximum amount summer faculty can earn during the summer session. The calculation is based on their: 

  • Academic salary
  • Summer dates worked
  • FTE

The summer calculator application uses a "summer month" as the unit of measure for payroll calculations. First and second summer months are comprised of 22 business days and the third month of 21 business days.

The Summer Calculator form must be completed for summer appointments of any duration.
Complete the Summer Appoiontment form to request more than two months of summer salary.

Contact an Expert

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