Summer Salary Calculator for Research Foundation (RF)

Use the summer salary calculator to to determine salaries for summer RF appointments. The calculator will compute the amount summer faculty can make during the summer session based on their academic year salary, summer dates worked and FTE (full time equivalence). 

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Using the Summer Salary Calculator

The Summer Calculator employs a summer month as the unit of measure for payroll calculations:

  • Calculations that are based on summer months and not on a fraction (e.g. 1/9, 2/9) of base salary, with 22 business days comprising summer months 1 and 2, and 21 business days comprising the 3rd
  • A constant daily rate, equal to the current academic year (AY) salary divided by 195 business days
  • Requirement to complete a Summer Certification Form whenever the summer appointment duration exceeds 2 months or 44 business days

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