Guidelines for Also Receives

Academic and Professional employees may be asked to assume responsibility for additional duties or assignments which may be unrelated to their normal or standard work responsibilities. Departments may use an Also Receives (ALR) to compensate for the additional responsibilities. 

Use Cases

  • Assignment or tasks are for less than one year without renewal
  • Assignment is substantially different and in addition to an individual’s professional work obligation 
  • Work is performed during an employee’s normal work shift

Notification to Employees

Employees should receive an official notification of the amount of the ALR, whether in the initial appointment letter or by separate communication.

The letter must state:

  • The amount of the ALR
  • The initial effective date
  • The specific circumstances by which the ALR will end (a particular date or the elimination of the duties)

If the ALR is renewed, an additional communication should be sent to the employee, stating the amount and the terms.

Timeline to Consider

  • A justification for an ALR greater than 20% of base annual salary must be requested by the President and approved by the SUNY Office of university-wide Human Resources prior to the effective date.
  • A justification for an ALR greater than 10% of base annual salary must be approved by the Vice President or Provost and President prior to the effective date.
  • ALR must be monitored on an ongoing basis, but not less than every six months for non-clinical ALRs, and annually for clinical support ALRs.
  • A formally documented renewal should be completed when the ALR is expected to continue past the end date.  
  • If the assignment for which an ALR is being paid is determined to be an ongoing and permanent part of the employee's responsibilities, the ALR must be discontinued, and the employee should be given an appropriate base salary increase commensurate with the duties.
  • Monitor ALR to ensure that any continued ALR is based on a fair market value.

Exceptions to Policy

Advance written approval is not required for the following:

  • Clinical faculty providing clinical support (for ALRs greater than 20% only)
  • ALRs that appear to be above the 20% threshold because it has been annualized for a short duration of time but is not 20% or greater of the base salary
  • ALRs equal to or less than 10%

A note on the ePTF must indicate details of the clinical support work performed or the actual total ALRs amount for those appearing above the 20% threshold. 


Template — Also Receives 10%

Template — Also Receives 20 %

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