Job Changes

When an employee has a change in jobs, the paperwork necessary for the change is a critical task for HR managers to complete. The paperwork provides the necessary information and communication to the central HR staff to ensure the correct actions are taken to benefit the employee as well as the department.

Know When To Initiate An ePTF For Your Employees

The ePTF is an electronic form that allows you to communicate job and personal related changes to HR.

Learn about the different ePTF options available for current employees.  

Adding an Additional Commitment

Additional commitment is used when:

  • You need to appoint a UB Student Assistant or Adjunct Faculty already working in another department in your department
  • You need to add Extra Service for a current UB employee

Remember to use when the employee already has an active appointment.

Changing Appointment Information

You will change the appointment information when there are updates to be processed from the employee's original appointment. Changes may include:

  • Salary
  • FTE
  • Line number
  • Supervisor
  • Account number
  • Appointment term
  • Check sort code
  • Department
  • In house title
  • Faculty SRA

Changing Personal and Directory Information

You can update an employee‘s personal information including:

  • Biographic
  • Emergency contacts
  • Directory information

Empower employees to make their own personal updates by pointing them to the self-service tools available.

Managing Leaves

You submit an ePTF for all leave transactions including:

  • Place an employee on leave
  • Return an employee from leave
  • Extend an employee's leave
  • Change an employee's leave

Promoting Employees

A promotion transaction is required when there is an increase an employee's salary grade or rank.

State professional employees must receive a salary increase for a promotion.


A reappointment is used to extend an employee's current appointment end date when no additional changes need to be made.

Salary Reimbursement

IFR cost sharing for NYS employees or salary payment authorizations for RF employees reimbursed by UBF.

Terminating Employees

Separate an employee from UB service.

Make Changes to an Employee's System Access

When an employee's job responsibilities change or if an employee leaves a position, submit updated access forms to change or remove an employee's access to HR data.

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