Permanent Appointment for Professional State Employees

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Permanent appointment can  be offered as positive encouragement to qualified professional employees so that UB will be enriched by their continued contributions and service. Find out how to be considered for permanent appointment.


Permanent appointment is defined in the Policies of the Board of Trustees as " appointment of a professional employee in a professional title which is eligible for a permanent appointment, which shall continue until a change in such title, resignation, retirement or termination." (Article XI, Title C, Section 1 (a)).

The policies also state that further employment of a professional employee at the University at Buffalo, following seven (7) consecutive years of full-time professional service the last two of which have been in that professional title, must be on the basis of permanent appointment, and that permanent appointment shall not be effective until made so by the Chancellor.

Additionally, the Policies provide for early consideration of permanent appointment after the completion of "three (3) or four (4)" consecutive years of full-time professional service.

Eligibility For Permanent Appointment

A negative permanent appointment decision will result in the employees’ termination from service after appropriate notice of non-renewal. A denial of a Request for Consideration will not result in non-renewal. The candidate can re-apply at the completion of their fourth and fifth year.


Routing Materials

Learn the procedures for routing materials pursuant to collective bargaining unit and Policies of the Board of Trustees

Early Permanent Appointment

As provided in the Policies of the Board of Trustees, eligible professional employees who meet the requirements noted under Early Permanent Appointment section, may apply for early consideration for permanent appointment in accordance with the following procedures:

  1. The employee must complete the Request for Consideration Application and submit it directly to the campus President no later than nine (9) months prior to the notice date of the employee’s current term or probationary appointment.
  2. The President, upon receipt of the employee's application, will consult with the Provost, Dean or Vice President, who in turn will ensure the employee's immediate and intermediate supervisors are also consulted.
  3. The President will notify the employee and the Provost, Dean or Vice President of his or her decision to grant or to deny consideration for early permanent appointment within ninety (90) days of receipt of the employee's application. The President's decision may not be appealed.
  4.  A positive permanent appointment decision will result in the granting of permanent appointment upon the completion of five (5) or six (6) consecutive years of full-time service, the last two (2) of which have been in that professional title.
  5. A negative permanent appointment decision will result in the employee's termination from service after appropriate notice of non-renewal.
  6. If the President denies a Request for Early Consideration, the employee may apply for early permanent appointment consideration after four (4) consecutive years of full-time service (only if the original request was denied after three (3) years of service), or the employee may apply in the sixth year for consideration in the usual permanent appointment review cycle.

Recommended Timeline

This recommended timeline for permanency process is to be used as guidance. There is some flexibility in parts of the process, however, in general this process reflects the expectations of UB stakeholders and of HR.

Recommended Timeline for Permanency Process


Action and Responsible Party

Months out from Date of Expected Permanent Appointment

Time to Completion Action



HR and Supervisor notify employee of their eligibility



Within 60 days of 5th year anniversary (after employees have completed 5 years)


Employee submits dossier to supervisor


Within 45 days of notification



Supervisor(s) considers dossier and makes recommendation to supervisor*



30–45 days for all supervisory levels


VP/Dean considers dossier and evaluations and makes recommendation to Provost or President as applicable**


30 Days


If applicable, Provost considers dossier and provides written notice to President


60 Days


If the Provost/VP, Dean do not support permanency, departmental HR person sends employee 31.6(b) Letter




President considers dossier and makes and transmits decision in writing


180 Days


President’s office sends paperwork for successful candidate to University Human Resources;




Human Resources receives packet and prepares permanency packet for the Chancellor’s final decision

No later than 7

Packet is not sent to Chancellor until 6 months prior to date of expected permanent appointment.


Chancellor’s office receives packet and considers granting permanency.


Usually within 60 Days

* Written recommendations must be given to employee at each level of the process

**If the recommendation for permanency is not supported at the Dean, VP level as applicable, it is  recommended that Employee Relations is consulted. 

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