Accepting Electronic Payments for State Funds in UB Marketplace

Using UB Marketplace, state UB units can accept credit, debit and electronic check payments for products and services. State UB units can use the forms on this page to set up new items in the general store or submit requests for the general or any departmental store regarding GL Codes, user access, refunds and discount codes.

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What is UB Marketplace?

UB Marketplace is a third-party e-commerce solution allowing departments to accept credit and debit card payments and electronic checks (e-checks) for products and services other than academic fees and tuition.

Why Use UB Marketplace?

  • Easily list products or services such as event tickets, conference registration, etc.
  • Minimize the risk associated with cash receipt collections. 
  • Utilize SIRI and UB Marketplace reports to review the revenue from transactions.

UB Marketplace cannot be used to collect any Category-1 data except for credit card info.

Creating New or Maintaining Existing Products in UB Marketplace

  • For units that do not have a store, complete the UB Marketplace Setup form to set up a new product in the General Store. 
  • Request GL codes, grant user access, process refunds or generate discount codes by completing the UB Marketplace Requests form. A separate request is required for each action.
  • Financial Management will notify you when your request is approved. 

You must have an approved rate on file before submitting a request for a new product,  GL code or discount code.

Contact an Expert

Leah Kerr.

Leah Kerr

IFR, Revenue Accounting and Treasury Management

Financial Management

Phone: 716-645-0232


Erin Guiffrida.

Erin Guiffrida

IFR, Revenue Accounting and Treasury Management

Financial Management

Phone: 716-645-2601


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