Maintaining State Account Budgets

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By managing your state accounts you can create an accurate picture of your department's resources and enables maximum use of them.


The budget allocations for an account can be viewed in SIRI Money and are referred to as Annual Allocation and Fiscal Allocation. Annual Allocation represents the projected budget for the next fiscal year while Fiscal Allocation represents the budget for the current fiscal year. 

There are only select objects that can be utilized for budgeting. These are often at a higher level than the Object of Expenditure (OEC) code for which the expenditures post and are identified on the Budget Revision form. Allocations may also be established at the line level for Personal Service lines.

SIRI displays your Account Summary at both Major and Minor object groupings. 

Guidelines for Maintaining Your State Accounts

  • Allocations should be maintained at levels that align with planned expenditures by Minor Object.
  • The Account Summary tab in SIRI should be reviewed monthly to determine if allocation changes are necessary.
  • Allocation requests for State Operating account and DIFR accounts must be balanced (total increases must equal total decreases).
  • Allocation changes cannot cross different funding sources, for example, you cannot move allocation from a state operating account to a DIFR or Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) account.  
  • Annual allocation cannot be negative.
  • Personal Service lines should be sufficiently funded both annually and fiscally to accommodate expected salary increases. Retro salary increase payments and extra service payments should be considered when funding Personal Service lines.
  • Departments should monitor their Personal and Temporary Service expenditures on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that the correct employees are being posted to their accounts.
  • All accounts should maintain a positive free balance.
  • Departments should monitor their Other than Personal Service (OTPS) expenditures on a monthly basis to ensure that the correct payments are posted to their accounts.

Use eBudget To Submit Budget Revisions

Budget Allocations may be changed using eBudget. In order to access eBudget please complete and submit the State SIRI Financial and eBudget Data Access Request form.

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