Develop and Manage State Fees

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Fees provide revenue to fund self-supporting programs. Learn about the different fee types and how to develop a new fee or update an existing fee.

Fee Guidelines

Regardless of funding source, any service provided or good sold on campus must have an approved fee on file

  • If your unit identifies any source of revenue that does not currently have an approved rate on file, please contact an expert for assistance.
  • SUNY’s Fees, Rentals, and Other Charges Policy states:

 "In the event that a fee is imposed upon students without following the guidelines set forth within this policy, funds collected shall be refunded to the payee in full upon request made to the campus involved or by directive from System Administration. Requests for refunds must be made within three years of the collection of the fee."

Which Type of Fee Do I Need?

Fee Types
Fee Type Fee Purpose Information by Funding Source
Department Event Fee

A departmental event is a departmentally sponsored function for which a fee is charged to participants. Examples include but are not limited to:


• Conferences

• Banquets

• Retreats and Outings

• Fairs



Research Foundation


UB Foundation

Non-Credit Bearing Professional Development Program Fee

A non-credit bearing professional development program is a university instructional program with established methods of assessment and articulated student learning outcomes. Examples include but are not limited to:


• Continuing Education Programs

• Non-credit Academic Programs

• Massive Online Learning Opportunities

• Micro-Credentials



Research Foundation (not applicable)


UB Foundation

Service Center Fee

A service center is an organization that provides a specific technical or administrative service that supports the internal operating activities of the university. Examples include but are not limited to:



• Lab Analysis Services

• Print and Mail Services

• Instrumentation Shops

• Animal Care Services




Research Foundation


UB Foundation

University Fee

A university fee is predominately paid by students and falls into one of the following categories:


1. SUNY Authorized Fees - Mandatory fees with a set dollar value that may be variable by Campus. Examples include, but are not limited to:


• Course Based or Laboratory Fees

• Mandatory Fees, including Admission Application Fees


2. Campus Authorized Fees - fess paid to support campus services and a variety of student activities. Examples include but are not limited to:


• Orientation Fees

• Voluntary Student Health Service Fees



Research Foundation (not applicable)


UB Foundation


Fee Deadlines
Fee Type Applicable Deadlines
Departmental Event Fee Fees can be submitted anytime throughout the year. 
Non-credit Bearing Professional Development Program Fee
Service Center Fee
University Fee University Fees must follow the Annual Fee Process Calendar

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