University Fee Approval Form

Request approval for your university fee. Begin the process of requesting a fee by completing the University Fee Questionnaire Initial  tab of the University Fee Approval Form.

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Download the Form

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Completing the Microsoft Excel Form

  1. Download the University Fee Approval Form
  2. Review the University Fee Initial Questions tab
  3. Complete the University Fee Initial Questions tab
  4. Email the completed University Fee Initial Questions Tab to

You only need to complete the initial questionnaire tab of the form.

Descriptions of the Tabs Within the Form

  1. Initial Questionnaire – This tab assists the customer with providing the basic information that is needed to develop a fee.
  2. Form - Cover– This form provides the basic information about the fee.
  3. Approvals - This is the approval page for the signatures.
  4. Rate List – This is the summary of the prices or rates based on the calculation. Included in the list are the following prices or rates:
    1. Internal Rate – To be charged to internal users including academic, research, administrative, and auxiliary units whose originating source of funds is within or flows through the university. This includes state, RF, UBF, and Faculty Student Association (FSA) funds.
    2. Internal Rate + GUSF - To be charged to internal customers paying with another form of payment (i.e. wire transfer, ACH, electronic payment, paper check or credit card (with prior approval))
    3. External Rate - External users are individuals or organizations whose originating source of funds is outside the university. External users include faculty and staff acting in a personal capacity. Affiliated hospitals and other universities are external users unless the university has subcontracted with them as part of a grant or contract, in which case they are an internal user.
  5. Summary by Component – This tab provides a summary of the costs by component as well as an annualized pro forma, which outlines what would need to take place in order to break-even internally in a given year, including any subsidies provided by the department.
  6. Detailed Calculation – Provides a detailed breakout of the cost calculation. Including the following details:
    1. Labor detail such as names, salaries, account paid from
    2. Equipment, asset number, useful life, purchase price
    3. Sources of information such as budget, invoice, purchase order
    4. Supplies, maintenance and other expenses
  7. Approval Checklist – This page provides you with the routing instructions during the approval process.

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Form Facts

Form Type: Downloadable, Microsoft Excel document

Requirements: Microsoft Office Excel

Updated: 6/2019

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