University Fee Approval Form

Request approval for your university fee. Begin the process of requesting a fee by completing the University Fee Initial Questionnaire tab of the University Fee Approval Form.

First time creating a University fee?

Please contact a fee expert for an initial consultation to  help you get started.

Download the Form Applicable to Your Circumstance:

For SUNY Authorized Fees

SUNY Authorized Fees are Mandatory fees with a set dollar value that may be variable by Campus. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Course Based or Laboratory Fees
  • Mandatory Fees, including Admission Application Fees

For Campus Authorized Fees

Campus Authorized Fees are fees paid to support campus services and a variety of student activities. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Orientation Fees
  • Voluntary Student Health Service Fees

Graduate Application Fees

There is one form per VP/Decanal Unit for Graduate Application Fees. Please reach out to if you need an additional fee approved. 

Completing the Microsoft Excel Form

  1. Download the University Fee Approval Form
  2. Review and complete the University Fee Initial Questionnaire tab
  3. Upload the completed form via the Microsoft Fee Request Form

You only need to complete the initial questionnaire tab of the form.

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Form Facts

Form Type: Downloadable, Microsoft Excel document

Requirements: Microsoft Office Excel

Updated: 11/2023

Owner: Financial Management