Educational Program Fee

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An educational program is a university credit or non-credit bearing instructional program with established methods of assessment and articulated student learning outcomes.

Educational Program Guidelines

Policy Information

The draft Financial Management of Educational Programs Policy is currently under review. This policy will provide guidelines for the financial management of educational programs to support:

  • Accurate cost calculations
  • Consistent operational practices to document non-tuition based revenue, costs, and fee rates
  • Compliance with SUNY and university financial policies
  • Adequate internal financial controls

Because the policy is in not yet final, all fees associated with educational programs must follow the guidelines outlined in the Financial Management of University Fees Policy. 


Begin the process for developing an Educational Program Fee by filling out the fee approval form. 

Account Options

All newly established educational program fees must be deposited in a separate account. 

Allowable Accounts
Funding Source Allowable
State - Income Fund Reimbursable Account (IFR) Yes
University at Buffalo Foundation (UBF) With prior approval from Financial Management and the University Controller

Approval Process

Once rates are agreed upon by the department and Financial Management, the approval process can begin.

The approval process begins within Financial Management. Once the approval forms are signed off by Financial Management they are sent to the following individuals for approval:

  1. Department Contact
  2. Department Head or Chair
  3. Unit Business Officer (UBO)
  4. Univeristy Controller
  5. Provost Designee

Revenue Collection

Acceptable Payments
Participant Payment Type
Internal Participant Interdepartmental Invoice (IDI)
Purchase Order (eReq)
Revenue Transfer
External Participant Wire Transfer (ACH)
Electronic Payment (ePayUBF Checkout, eStore)
Paper Check (StateUBF)
Credit Card (requires prior approval)

Items of Consideration


Consider the time involved in the development and review of the educational program fee and consider if this is reasonable due to amount of expenditures and revenues that the program provides.  Does this fee need to exist or can the costs be absorbed into the department.

Safeguarding Cash and Cash Equivalents

University departments that collect cash and cash equivalents are responsible for implementing strong internal controls.

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