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New UBF accounts can be created to support and promote UB activities and programs. UBF accounts are funded primarily from donor gifts and service revenues, and may have specific usage restrictions depending upon the source of funds.


UB faculty or staff members can request an account. Please note that some accounts may require additional approvals before they can be established. University Advancement requires a gift agreement or letter from donor(s) prior to establishing restricted use accounts.

Types of Accounts

There is a standard format utilized for all UBF accounts. 


For accounts funded primarily with donor gifts, any expenditures must be consistent with donor intent.

Creating an Account

Updating an Account

As long as there are no donor-imposed conditions that would prevent the updating of an account, any element associated with an account may be modified, including:

  • Name
  • University Entity
  • Business Purpose

Updates can be requested by contacting UBF at

Monitoring an Account

SIRI can be utilized by account holders to query their accounts and perform many common tasks.  

Contact an Expert

UBF Account Access and Setup

Stacy Hayhurst.

Stacy Hayhurst

Administrative Associate

UB Foundation

Phone: 716-645-8730


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