Procedures for State Funded Accounts

Use these procedures for common tasks involved with managing your state accounts. 

  • 10/8/20
    By managing your state accounts you can create an accurate picture of your department's resources and enables maximum use of them.
  • 10/8/20
    Learn how to transfer different types of expenditures including payroll and other than personal service expenditures, as well as requesting information on unidentifiable charges.
  • 6/29/17
    A revenue transfer is the moving of cash that has already posted to another account. Revenue transfers can be processed for Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) and State University Tuition Reimbursable (SUTRA) accounts.    
  • 7/11/16
    Learn about the steps necessary to use reserve funds in effectively planning for the future.
  • 10/7/20
    Cash receipts include cash (currency, coin, checks, money orders and credit card receipts) received from all sources, such as participant fees, ticket sales, damage charges, deposits and parking fines.
  • 3/20/17
    Reimbursements with state funds are paid to university employees who have purchased business-related goods with out-of-pocket funds on behalf of their department.
  • 8/15/18
    You can accept credit cards at UB from customers in person and for services over the Web. Learn about the regulations and procedures to ensure secure transactions.
  • 12/12/19
    Inter-agency journal transfers are used for making payments to, and receiving payments from, other SUNY schools and New York State agencies.
  • 6/29/17
    Does your unit have the opportunity to offer instructional activity paid by a third party? If so, then the contractual course process should be considered.

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