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A revenue transfer is the moving of cash that has already posted to another account. Revenue transfers can be processed for Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) and State University Tuition Reimbursable (SUTRA) accounts.    


Maintaining positive cash balances in your accounts is essential; the cash balance reflects the actual cash available for spending. If after assessing the cash balance in an account you find adjustments are necessary, a revenue transfer is the proper tool to use to make these adjustments.

Revenue or cash CANNOT be moved between state operating accounts as these accounts are supported by allocation rather than cash.  Complete a Budget Revision to move allocation.

Best Practices

  • Revenue or cash cannot be moved between IFR/SUTRA and RF accounts. As a general rule, revenue transfers must be within the same funding source. See the Transfer Expenditures section for guidance on allowable expenditure transfers or consult with your UBO to determine if there are interdepartmental options available
  • The cash balance in the account to be debited must be sufficient to accommodate the transfer.
  • Transfers of revenue may be completed anytime during the fiscal year prior to the date set in the Year-End cutoff memo, and will be effective on the date processed.
  • A revenue transfer between a designated Summer or Winter Sessions account and either a General IFR or SUTRA account should not take place. Rather, an expenditure transfer should be the appropriate transaction process.
  • Transfers of revenues require appropriate approval as determined by the policy of each administrative unit.
  • Revenue Transfer transactions can be viewed in the IFR Account tab in SIRI

Transfers between IFR account and SUTRA accounts are NOT permitted.

What You Will Need to Complete the Form

  • The debit account number (to transfer Cash from)
  • The credit account number (to transfer Cash to)
  • A description of the transaction
  • Appropriate signatures

Contact an Expert

Erin Guiffrida.

Erin Guiffrida

IFR, Revenue Accounting and Treasury Management

Financial Management

Phone: 716-645-2601


Leah Kerr.

Leah Kerr

IFR, Revenue Accounting and Treasury Management

Financial Management

Phone: 716-645-0232


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