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Does your unit have the opportunity to offer instructional activity paid by a third party? If so, then the contractual course process should be considered.


Instructional activity offered for credit enrollment that meet the following conditions are considered contractual courses:

  • Course is contracted for and paid by a third party (a corporation, state agency, union, etc.).
  • Enrollment in the designated course(s) or section(s) is restricted to individuals specified in the contract through an affiliation with the third party.
  • All costs of the program must be charged to the contracting third party and per student rates must be set at the greater of regular tuition or at a level sufficient to cover the total costs incurred by the program, including direct instructional costs, support costs, overhead charges and fringe benefits.

Enrollment in Contract Courses is unlimited. Revenue collected from a contract course must be deposited to a SUNY Tuition Reimbursable Account(SUTRA) account.  

All Contract Courses must be approved prior to the course being offered.


To get started on establishing a new contract course for your unit, complete the Contract Course Request Form. 

Attach to the form the folloing information to the Contract Course Request Form:

  • A copy of the contracting party’s W-9 (UB's version).
  • A Letter of intent.  Letter of intent should note if the vendor has liability insurance. 

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