Electronic Budget Revision (eBudget)

UB faculty and staff use the eBudget System to create an electronic budget revision to move allocation with state funds.

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Using eBudget

Take the processing budget revisions your guide to using the eBudget application course to familiarize yourself with the essentials of budget revisions and the eBudget application.

Get Authorized to Create and Approve Budget Revisions

Budget Allocations may be changed using eBudget. In order to access eBudget please complete and submit the State SIRI Financial and eBudget Data Access Request form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I budget using any object code that is displayed in SIRI?

No, there are hundreds of objects that may be used for expenditures but budgeting is done at a higher, more summarized level.  Budgets may be established at any of the following object levels as well as at the line level for units that do line item budgeting.

Do the line number and/or title code fields need to be completed?

A line number and title code are required if you are adjusting allocation at the line level.  Note that if the individual received a promotion, the line may have more than one title code associated with it.

Does eBudget have the capility to upload a large revision from an excel file?

Yes, to learn more about this option, please contact your Unit Financial Liaison.

Does the allocation have to balance in a budget revision?

Yes, both annually and fiscally. IFR and SUTRA accounts may be unbalanced and require Financial Management approval for processing.

Does the OEC field need to be completed?

Yes, this is a required field to ensure allocation is adjusted appropriately. For lines, this field will populate automatically once the line and title code have been entered.

Does the ā€˜Dept Revision No.ā€™ field need to be completed?

No, but this field is a good tracking tool for your department.

How long will it take for a budget revision to be reflected in SIRI once it has been approved in eBudget?

Budget revision activity loads nightly from eBudget so that any budget revisions approved or in process will be reflected in SIRI the following day.  Revisions routed for approval will be displayed in your account as un-applied budget revisions in SIRI. Departmental approved Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) revisions that are unbalanced (net increase or decrease) are routed to IFR staff for a final approval before they will be reflected as an applied budget revision in SIRI.

What does annual allocation mean on a budget revision?

Annual allocation on a budget revision means this is a permanent move that you want to continue in subsequent years.

What does fiscal allocation mean on a budget revision?

This is a temporary move and this should only apply to the current year.

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Michelle McCartney

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