Hiring State Classified into a Provisional Position

When a civil service list has less than three interested individuals responding to a canvass, there is a need to hire from the public to fill immediate competitive classified employment vacancies.

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Reasons for a Provisional Recruitment

  • There must be less than three (3) eligible list candidates
  • There are no reemployment rosters
  • The position is not filled from a decentralized continuous recruitment exam
  • There is no other way to appoint the person to the position permanently

Timelines to Consider

  • Hires need to be made within a canvass 90-day period reflecting less than three eligibles
  • There must be clearance to hire for the title
  • Plan for a few extra days to hire. When a hiring proposal is received, your workforce planning specialist will contact civil service for final provisional approval. 

Position Types to Consider for Provisional Recruitment


  • Open competitive classified positions

Not Eligible:

  • Non-Competitive and Labor Classified
  • State Professional, State Faculty, UBF, Research Foundation

Need-to-Know When Hiring

  • Person must meet the minimum qualifications defined in the classification standard
  • Selected individuals are not eligible for permanent appointment
  • Time served as a provisional employee may count as time served for an immediately to follow permanet probationary appointment in the same titme. 
  • Time served in a provisional appointment is not credited towards the minimum qualifications of future promotional opportunities
  • Individuals selected are not eligible for transfer or reinstatement
  • Individuals will have to pass the test or risk being outscored the next time an exam is made available
  • When hiring for a Keyboarding title, the individual will need to pass a typing test in advance

Reasons to Revoke Provisional Hires

  • Exam has been offered, and the provision hire is not reachable
  • Reemployment roster is established 
  • An alternative way to appoint the provisional hire into a permanent position has presented itself
  • CS will not permit a provisional hire when an exam has been announced or is in the process of being scored

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