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Learn how to submit an expenditure for processing with UB Foundation (UBF) funds.

For specific questions regarding whether an expenditure is reimbursable, please contact your accounts payable associate prior to making the expenditure.  


The approver must be an authorized signatory on the account. An authorized signatory may not approve any disbursement request for which they receive benefit and a signature at a higher level is required in accordance with the UB Approval Authority policy.


All expenditures must be justified and documented in order to be paid. Documentation should be in one of the following ways:

  • Original invoice from vendor to be paid
  • Original paid store or vendor receipt along with an explanation of items purchased. If payment was made by check or credit card, the cancelled check or credit card slips should also be submitted. However, reimbursement cannot be made with only cancelled checks or credit card slips.
  • Original restaurant receipt and credit card slip for meals and meetings at restaurants. The business purposes and name and titles of individuals attending (present) must be documented. If the expense covers a large number of people who are members of a readily identifiable group (e.g., faculty of a particular department or seminar participants), it is sufficient to designate the class of people.
  • Original conference/seminar registration form or subscription/periodical order form to be paid directly to the vendor.

As a general rule, requests for reimbursements from UBF should be submitted in a timely manner.

Submit an Expenditure For Processing

There are three ways to submit an expenditure for payment:

1. Complete a Disbursement Request

The standard form used by the UB Foundation (UBF) to process expenditures is a disbursement request (DR). The DR form must include the business purpose for the expenditure and be signed by an authorized signatory.

An employee of UB may also get an advance for a UB business expense by filling out a disbursement request. After the expenditure is completed, the employee should submit original receipts to clear the advance. An employee may only have one outstanding advance at any time.

2. Use UB’s eReq System

UB’s eReq system can be used to make purchases using a purchase order. Please note that the eReq system cannot be used to process payments to individuals. The eReq system is administered by UB’s Purchasing department. For UBF accounts, when using the eReq system, an account signatory must be involved in the documentation or eReq approval.

eReq Purchases
Purchase orders under $5,000 Purchase orders of $5,000 or more
UBF accounts payable will match the invoice with the purchase order and pay after 10 days unless notified by the department. Departments must maintain the record of receipt of goods and services in their offices for these orders. For purchase orders of $5,000 or more, the UB web receiving function should be used.

3. Use a UBF Pcard

Instead of submitting expenditures to be reimbursed, you can choose to use your UBF Pcard to pay for expenditures at the time of purchase. Please make sure to read and review all of the guidelines regarding Pcard use.

Payment To a UB Employee (State or RF) For Services

As a general rule, when the UB Foundation (UBF) makes a payment to an individual for services and the individual is a full or part-time UB or RF employee, UBF must treat the individual as a UB employee. This requires the payment to be processed through normal payroll processing procedures rather than accounts payable processing procedures. These payments require Extra Service Compensation Approval.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Scholarships should be coordinated through Financial Aid and be paid directly to a student’s account. Additional documentation is required for non-resident aliens. Additional details can be found in the UB Policy for Scholarships/Fellowships to Non Resident Aliens (NRA's)

Awards and Prizes

Awards or prizes should be paid directly to the recipient. A W9 form, as well as the award notification letter should accompany the disbursement request prior to issuing a check. Checks should be made payable to the individual and their home address. Awards to non-resident aliens require special attention for taxation purposes.

Make a Wire Transfer

In some instances payment for goods or services can be facilitated via wire transfer.

The Wire Transfer form has been provided by the bank in order to insure that wire transfer requests can be completed in an accurate and timely manner. It must be filled out completely (especially Bank Wire Number) and submitted in order to complete a wire transfer. Please note that this form must be typed.

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