Accepting Electronic Payments for UB Foundation (UBF) Funds in UB Marketplace

Using UB Marketplace, UB Foundation account holders can accept credit, debit and electronic check payments for products and services. UBF account holders can follow the steps on this page to add and manage products in UB Marketplace stores they can access. Non-UBF account holders can use the forms below to set up a UBF account and apply to open a UB Marketplace storefront.

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What is UB Marketplace?

UB Marketplace is a third-party e-commerce solution allowing departments to accept credit and debit card payments and electronic checks (e-checks) for products and services other than academic fees and tuition.

Why Use UB Marketplace?

  • Easily list products or services such as event tickets, conference registration, etc.
  • Minimize the risk associated with cash receipt collections. 
  • Utilize SIRI and UB Marketplace reports to review the revenue from transactions.

UB Marketplace cannot be used to collect any Category-1 data except for credit card info.

UB Marketplace Funds

Funds from UB Marketplace are deposited into your UB Foundation account. If you do not have a UBF account, you cannot use UBF's UB Marketplace. 

UB Marketplace Setup

Those with an existing UB Foundation account can apply to open a UB Marketplace storefront to list and manage products or services.

Once UBF processes your form, you will receive a notification and a link to register. When you complete the registration, contact UBF so they can assign permissions to your account. UBF will send a confirmation when your permissions have been assigned, and allow you to set up your product or service in UB marketplace.

Add or Edit a Product or Service

  1. Click Administration at the top of the page to open the left menu.
  2. Click Catalog to open the dropdown, and then click Products.
  3. Click Add New to add a new item, or click Edit in line with an item you would like to edit if it already exists.
  4. Enter your Product info, Price, Shipping, Inventory, Add a new picture and Mappings.
  5. Click Save and Continue Edit.
First time logging in?

You will need to switch the view from basic to advanced by unchecking Basic.

Adding a product attribute

Products need a name attribute as the registrant's name may differ from the billing name.

  1. Click the Products attribute tab.
  2. Click Add a new attribute.
  3. Select a name attribute from the Attribute drop-down menu.
  4. Click Save and Continue Edit.
  5. Enter the product attribute info.
  6. Click Save and Continue Edit.

Manually Process Credit Cards

Contact Kaity Ross at (716)645-8753, hand deliver or mail the Payment Card Authorization Form below with a UBF Deposit Transmittal Form.

Contact an Expert

Erin Kotas.

Erin Kotas

Program Service Revenue Coordinator

UB Foundation

Phone: 716-645-8742


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