Accept Credit Card Payments for UBF Accounts (UB Marketplace)

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Credit card payments are accepted through UB Marketplace, available through the UB Foundation (UBF). Learn how UB Marketplace works to  collect credit card and e-check payments.

UBF Checkout To Be Replaced by UB Marketplace

UBF is transitioning from UBF Checkout to UB Marketplace. New accounts will be set up using UB Marketplace.

You may continue to use existing UBF Checkout sites.

About UB Marketplace

UB Foundation (UBF) provides a wide range of financial services that support UB units, faculty, staff and students. One of these services is UB Marketplace — an e-commerce service offered by UBF.

UB Marketplace lets you use your website to collect credit card payments and e-check payments online. For example, you can use UB Marketplace to collect conference registrations and tickets.

UB Marketplace Funds for UBF Accounts

Funds from UB Marketplace are deposited into your UBF account. Please note that you must have a UBF account — and complete the UBF Account Setup Form — before using UBF UB Marketplace.

UB Marketplace Setup for UBF Accounts

Upon requesting your UB Marketplace with the UB Marketplace Setup Form, UBF will notify you and provide you with a link and settings you will use to set up your product(s).

Log in with the link provided to you by UBF. If this is your first time logging in, you will need to register and notify UBF once you have created your account. Please send your UB Marketplace login and product category to once you have registered so that UBF can assign permissions to your login.

After UBF has confirmed your permissions have been assigned, log into your UB Marketplace using the link provided by UBF and proceed to set up your product and attributes in UB Marketplace.

Manually Process Credit Cards

Please call Kaity Ross at (716)645-8753 or hand deliver or mail the Payment Card Authorization Form below with a UBF Deposit Transmittal Form.

UBF Checkout Developer Guide

If you are already processing credit card payments and want to learn how we can help you process revenue, please contact the expert listed below.

Contact an Expert

Kaity Ross.

Kaity Ross

Program Service Revenue Coordinator

UB Foundation

Phone: 716-645-8753


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